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Woodcut of Jewish moneylender, 1531.
Courtesy of Friends and Partners exhibit.

European Antisemitism in the 15th - 18th Centuries

Jennifer Norton
Argonaut High School
Jackson, California




Educators are increasingly recognizing the value of actively engaging students in the role of historian. Document-based questions (DBQ's) are a regular part of Advanced Placement coursework and provide students with the opportunity to evaluate the diverse perspectives of primary sources. In this lesson, DBQ's serve to motivate and challenge students as they gain important background knowledge about historic anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. The lesson is part of an advanced funding project undertaken by the author for the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program.


Lesson Materials

Teacher's Guide to Advanced Placement European History DBQ's (Microsoft Word Document)

Advanced Placement European History DBQ's Antisemitism (Microsoft Word Document)


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